Focus and Scope

The Biomej Journal is published by the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, East Java "Veteran" University, Surabaya-Indonesia. Biomej is an open-access peer review journal that mediates the dissemination of academics, researchers, and practitioners in the field of mechanical engineering and accepts journal publications from all over Indonesia.

Biomej aims to provide a forum for national and international academics, researchers and mechanical engineering practitioners to publish original articles. All accepted articles will be published and will be freely available to all readers with wide visibility.

The scope of the Biomej Journal is including widely topics in engineering such as:

1. Biomedical engineering
2. Tribology
3. Modelling
4. Finite ELement Method
5. Material Science
6. Mechatronics
7. Structural and Machiine Design
8. Stress Analysis
9. Renewable Energy
10. Structural Mechanics
11. Thermodynamics
12. Material Processing
13. Fatigue and Air Conditioning
14. Heat Transfer
15. Manufacturing
16. Fluid Mechanics
17. Combustion
18. Aeodynamics
19. Environmental Protection
20. Acoustic and Noise
21. Energy Studies
22. Refrigerationand Air
23. Conditioning
24. Engines and Turbines
25. Thermodynamics
26. Earth Science
27. Natural Hazards
28. Food Technology Processing